Edhard Injection Pump Powerbase

The Edhard Range of fillers comes in several varieties of different sized powerbase. These machines can suit small bakeries, large producers, instore bakeries and large scale manufacturers. There is a range of hoppers from 5 litres up to the stainless steel 32 litre tank. You then pair the pump that you require whether it is for smooth filling or one with particles up to 10mm.

Along with the range of power bases there is a wide range of injector nozzles, hose attachments and depositing arms. There is also a range of decoration nozzles that can attach to the hose and speed up your decoration and garnishing time. They are designed to be able to meet any requirements that you might have and changing from one product to another takes very little time at all.

The Edhard filler unit will ensure consistency and help reduce fatigue in your production team. The machine is easy to set for a wide range of products and is the ultimate in gaining efficiency.

Edhard fillers can be used on may products including:

  • Doughnuts
  • Filled brioche
  • Depositing muffins and cupcakes
  • Depositing cake batters
  • Filling muffins and cupcakes
  • Piping creams and fillings
  • and many many more applications.


The Edhard filler is:
- very simple to use, easy to clean
- quantity to be dispensed is adjustable with a digital entry keypad from 0 to 99
- no dripping because of reverse motion at end of fill cycle

Model Pictured 152600

44 Watt
automatic cycle
172 x 391 x 229
Motor / power base
220 Volt
5.5 Kg

View The video below: