Cream Whipping Machines

Total Baking are the only suppliers of Mussana cream whippers in New Zealand and Australia. The cream whippers would be one of our favourite bits of equipment that we sell as they are versatile, robust and reliable. Whether you are whipping 2 litres of cream a day or 1000 litres of cream a day or even more, a Mussana Cream whipper will save to time, money and ingredients.

The secret in these machines is the double labyrinth whipping cones and the fully integrated cooling system that keeps the cream chilled throughout the whipping process, from tank to spout.

The thickness of the cream can be adjusted in a moment. This means one moment you can cream doughnuts and eclair with fully thickened cream to making mousse and cheesecakes with lightly whipped or aerated cream.

The machines have several functions all controlled by a simple easy to use keypad these include

  • Manual function
  • Portion control (able to be set by management)
  • Continuous run
  • Cleaning mode.

We have installed many of these machines and all of our customers comment on how much cream they are saving by getting more air into their cream and not having wasted cream from over-whipping and over producing.

It is literally whipped cream on a tap 24/7!

See our demonstration video here:

Contact the team at Total Baking to find out why this is the best cream whipper hands down!