Both Michael and Jason have run these machines for over 30 years in their own businesses and cant imagine not having one. It does save you time and money. After a recent installation the customer advised us his cream bill has dropped but almost 20%.
It is like having freshly whipped cream on a tap 24/7
2 Litre capacity
4 Litre capacity
6 Litre capacity
12 Litre capacity

Latest technology and proven quality
• Perfect in terms of hygiene and handling
• Standard portioning system - personally adjustable
• Intensive cooling of the whipping system up to the garnishing spout
• Highest possible whipping capacity using the MUSSANA
double mixing roller made of V2A stainless steel
• Hourly capacity of up to 90 litres of raw cream
• With standard cleaning system
• Fully electronic temperature control
• Easy cleaning and disinfection by means of flush filling with hot water (50 to 80 C)
• Extremely energy efficient
• Detachable V2A standard stainless steel container
• DIN-tested according to DIN 10507 (Food Hygiene)
• DIN registration number 6A004/95
• Made according to EMV